About Me

I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky where college sports dominate the discussion. Luckily I was born into a family of Louisville fans and have been cheering on the Cardinals as long as I can remember. I would race to the front door every morning when I woke up just so I could be the first to read the sports paper before I had to go to school. I remember my first Louisville game vividly. Marquette. The hated Mike Dean. Samaki Walker's return from suspension. A loss in double over time.

My love of Louisville has seen the likes of DeJuan Wheat, Marques Maybin, Cameron Murray, Samaki Walker, Taquan Dean, Francisco Garcia, and Terrance Williams and many more put on the Cardinal uniform. Today I watch less games and my best chance of seeing them in person is if the make a trip to the city I reside in. However, no matter where I live I'm always going to the a Louisville fan.

Although Louisville is my first love in the world of sports, my second love is the New York Mets. I've been watching the Mets for about four seasons now and follow them pretty religiously. I read about the Mets almost daily and try to watch as many games as possible. The great think about living in New York now is that I can frequent Citifield more. I also have to add that I'm an optimistic Mets fan - which seems to be very rare.

As for other sports - I cheer on both the Eagles and Jets in the NFL. I may have to give up being an Eagles fan though as I'm finding it hard to rectify my hatred of the Phillies with my love of the Eagles. And I'm declaring myself a Rangers fan, even though I don't really watch hockey but plan on starting to since I'm a New Yorker now.

Besides being a fan, I'm writing this blog to work on my writing. I'm an aspiring writer who dreams of 1.) starting my own online women's magazine 2.) working as a freelance sports writer and 3.) write another a book or two or more. I self-published my first book which is available at lulu.com, amazon.com, bn.com (for the nook), and the iBook store.

Other than writing and sports my interests are traveling, reading, spoiling my niece and nephew, and exploring my new city.