Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baseball Season is on the Way

Football season ended for me when the Eagles and Jets failed to make it into the playoffs. I'll watch the Super Bowl, but honestly who would I cheer for. It's like the lesser of two evils for me - it's comparable to watching the Phillies vs. the Yankees in the World Series. The only reason I'm even saying I'd go for the Patriots is because as an Eagles fan to cheer for the Giants would probably get me banned from being an Eagles Fan and because Deion Branch went to the University of Louisville. With all that said I'm looking forward to baseball season - I think? WIth the loss of Jose Reyes (it still pains me to think that Reyes is no longer a Met) and what appears to be the eventual trade of David Wright at some point the Mets I fell in love with are no longer there. My first favorite baseball player - Carlos Beltran - is now a member of the team he took a third strike on with the bat on his shoulder to end the Mets playoff run (although I'm not one of those Mets fan that take issue with him over that - I didn't watch baseball then), the heart and soul of the team has moved on and taken his talents to South Beach, and David - poor David - will have to deal with trade questions all year, as if he hasn't bared the burden of answering the difficult questions to the media since he first came up. But with all that said I still love the Mets - I can't stop no matter how much on paper the season may look like a wash I refuse to not support them and I refuse to not cheer for them. I'll go to games - how could I not? Being at the baseball park can be such a great atmosphere. However, I do not support the ownership of the team and wish they would sell it. They claim to love the Mets, but I think they are ruining them.

Despite how the Mets may look on paper, there are a few things I'm looking forward to seeing this year. I'm excited to hopefully see Johan return. I'm also interested to see if bringing in the walls will actually help Wright and Bay. I love Ruben Tejada, even if he isn't Jose Reyes, so I'm anxious too see how he will fill those shoes as the short stop for the New York Mets.

And finally, the thing about sports is that anyone can be beaten on any given day - here's hoping the Mets find ways to win and prove critics wrong. I think Ike Davis says it best in his text to Daniel Murphy from an article on ESPN: "Let's go dominate." For more on Daniel Murphy check out the full article at

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