Friday, September 30, 2011

Vote: Who Will Win the World Series?

The playoffs begin today with two AL match-ups: Tigers vs. Yankees and Rays vs. Rangers. The NL teams take the field tomorrow. With an exciting finish to the regular season lets see if the playoffs can provide similar intrigue leading up to the World Series. Many people predict that the Phillies will take it all with a starting pitching rotation that is the best in the league, with the pitching staff leading all of Major League Baseball with an ERA of 3.02. However, one can't forget that the playoffs are full of great, quality players that can be difference makers. There are 13 players in the playoffs that have 30 or more home runs, which means with one crack of the bat they can change the whole direction of the game. The Rangers and Yankees statistically may be the most offensively powered teams. The Rangers lead all of Major League Baseball in batting average, are second in slugging, third in runs scored, second in home runs, and third in RBIs. The Yankees lead in home runs, are second in runs scored, and third in slugging percentage. But statistics aren't always indicative of success - the Red Sox lead in runs scored, hits, and RBIs, and with all of that they couldn't make it to the playoffs. Teams need more than offensive power to win - they need smart defense and good pitching - a complete team effort. Plus, in sports anyone can be beaten on any given night. Anything is possible. Even AJ Burnett can pitch a good game every once in a while.

So vote for World Series pick below and leave a comment with why you picked your team. Thanks!

World Series Prediction: Who do you think will win?

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