Sunday, October 9, 2011


J-Roll ... Jimmy Rollins ... baseball player ... aspiring music producer ... Jose Reyes wannabe. Jimmy Rollins seems to always be worried about what the Mets are doing, especially Jose Reyes. Rollins made some comments coming into the playoffs about Reyes' now infamous bunt single incident to end his season and possibly his career with the Mets. Reyes, in case you didn't know, was competing against Ryan Braun for the NL batting title. On the last day of the season Reyes played a day game, got a hit at his first at bat, and then left the game. Braun didn't play until later and he had every chance to take the lead from Reyes, but he ended up not getting a hit at all. Braun has since texted Reyes to congratulate him and has repeatedly said he has no problem with what Reyes did. So why does Rollins? Because Rollins has a problem with anything Reyes does. Years ago Phillies players complained that Reyes "pimps" his homeruns. Reyes isn't a homerun hitter, so I'm not sure how often the Phillies see this occur. What they do see occur is a talented athlete play hard and have fun doing it. He isn't showing off or being arrogant - he is being Jose Reyes. Wouldn't we all like it if we had a job we loved? Perhaps Rollins doesn't understand Reyes' love for the game because maybe he doesn't have that love for baseball. But regardless no player should judge another player, especially one they know nothing about.

For the most part, Rollins always sounds jealous of Reyes. And he should be jealous. There is a free agent market that will begin shortly - Reyes and Rollins are the top short stops in the mix. Rollins has been busy making negative statements about Reyes to boost his free agency appeal. And thats fine - Reyes doesn't need to do that. Reyes has for the most part been out the limelight since the season ended (well except for his nude photo shot as part of ESPN's body issue). Part of the reason of course is the Mets are not in the playoffs, but despite that he is one of the big name free agents about to hit the market and everyone - well everyone that loves the Mets - is just waiting to see what happens.

As for Rollins plans to put a negative image of Reyes out there, it may back fire. If you are busy trash talking a player in a situation that had nothing to do with you and has nothing to do with the series you are about to play in it makes you look a little petty and a little classless. Yes trash talking is part of sports, but his comments were not needed and again the NL batting title had nothing to do with him. Professionals say "Congratulations" and move on - they don't harp on a player just to make themselves look good. Not to mention although both Rollins and Reyes are the top names in their position for the free agent market there are two different markets. There will be the market of teams that will throw a lot of money at Reyes and then when Reyes signs there will be teams that need a short stop that make an offer to Rollins - an offer that will be less years and less money. Rollins is the second choice, unless a team that needs a new short stop can't make an offer for Reyes.

And just one final note ... Rollins was asked in an interview if he would be interested in coming to New York. Well the Yankees have a short stop in Jeter and he isn't going anywhere next year. If the Mets don't resign Reyes, the job is Ruben Tejada's. So there is no spot in New York for Rollins, but even if there was he isn't welcome here anyway. Thanks, but no thanks.

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